Is It Possible To Get Car Insurance For Six Months?

Six month car insurance policies are availed by insurance seekers who are interested in short term insurance policies. Depending on your needs you can invest in various short term car insurance policies including six month, 1 month, 1 week or even 1 day car insurance policies. So, the answer to the question, “can you buy six months car insurance?” is a definite yes. Read on to explore more.

Can I get car insurance for six months? There are several companies offering car insurance policies for six months. Needless these car insurance policies are cheaper than the long term yearly car insurance policies. If you are not really using your car for more than six months in a month then there is really no point in investing in a costly annual car insurance policy.


Can you buy car insurance for six months? A casual internet search will tell you that you can. There are so many companies out there who offer six month car insurance policies. Your first responsibility would be to visit the websites of these companies. Keeping the technology driven age in view, most of the insurance companies have brought their businesses online. As such, it is their website which acts as the window of information for users. So, you can actually expect to find out a lot of information about these companies in their websites:

  • The kind of policies offered by them
  • The number of years for which they have been in this field
  • Their track record as a leading insurance carrier in the market
  • The car insurance rates
  • Others

Secure car insurance quotes from various car insurance companies online and conduct a comparison in order to find out which one of them is the most affordable option for you. You can find short term car insurance for 21 drivers and other such policies in this fashion.

One of the websites which you must visit to find out more in this regard is This one offers great insurance deal plus a lot of valuable information about car insurance. Make sure you are not making the mistake of excluding this particular website from your research.


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